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Murals & Signage

If you’re looking for a professional mural artist, who has both the skill set and passion for artistry that will bring life into your space, you have found your guy!

I am an artist, sign writer and mural painter working in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.


I have also been a painter and decorator by trade, working in the industry for 20 years. So I can help with anything from some fresh paint on the walls, to a full scale mural.






Services Include:

  • Murals

  • Custom Art Design

  • Signage and Signwriting

  • Logo & Brand Painting

  • Painting & Decorating 



KJR Mural_3.jpg


From the preliminary sketches through to the final coat of paint on the wall, I take great care when creating each mural, and I use high quality exterior paints, to guarantee a long life for the completed artwork . Every piece is created with attention to detail and thoughtfulness so that it will last for many years to come. Additionally, my work follows safety standards and takes environmental consciousness into consideration.




My works are designed to bring vibrant, striking visuals to any room. With years of experience in the art and creative field, I specialize in creating high-quality murals and signwriting for public spaces, businesses, homes and more.




My murals can be designed to suit your space and desired aesthetic, from minimalistic one colour designs to large-scale multi-colour pieces with intricate patterns. I can create a custom piece of art for your mural, or replicate something of your choice, if it works with my style.




Creating a mural is so much more than just slapping some paint on the wall  - it's an opportunity to completely transform your space into something new and unique.


I understand that value is always at the forefront of any purchase decision, so when you commission a mural from me, I approach each project individually, as there are many different variables that apply and contribute to the cost. From how detailed the artwork is, to size and style, the location, and accessibility of the wall, each project is custom tailored to meet your need. Reach out today for a no obligation chat, about how we can create you an inspired space. Let's talk soon !




How much will a mural cost ? 



(These prices are approximate to give you an idea of what some art in your space will cost you, and can vary depending on numerous factors, such as detail of the artwork, materials needed specific to your piece, access, travel etc. )



Custom Art Design from $200-$600

Square Meterage Rate $200-$300 p/sq

Access & Scaffolding $200 - ?

I will also travel to complete a mural if you are located outside of my local area. This will incur a travel and accomodation fee, which can be discussed further.



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