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STONED APE White Marle Tank


The Stoned Ape Theory from Terence McKenna proposes that the consumption of psilocybin mushrooms altered the course of human evolution. It hypothesises that consuming psychoactive fungi enabled early humans to access a new level of consciousness, stimulating their brains and driving an evolutionary leap forward. This included enhanced abstract thinking, language development, creativity and imagination. Furthermore, it is claimed that this new mental capacity encouraged social behaviours such as ceremonial gathering and interpersonal communication which allowed for cooperative hunting and tool-making - essential elements in human growth and survival. Whether this is true or not, it is certainly an interesting idea to consider.


This T-Shirt includes a large print on the front.



  • White marle tank with black ink
  • Sleeveless tank, raw armhole edges
  • Regular fit with crewneck
  • Light weight 150 gsm 
  • 100% combed cotton
  • Hand printed using eco friendly water based inks
  • Pre shrunk to minimise shrinkage

STONED APE White Marle Tank

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