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The Artist


Hey There !! My name is Kurt McGregor, but you can call me Zig. I'm the creator behind Art of Zig. I am a self-taught artist born in Brisbane, Australia, and love to create through many forms, including, painting, illustrating, screen-printing, woodwork, photography and more recently, videography. Since I was a young lad, I have been fascinated by the mysteries of our existence, consequently, this curiosity now influences and pervades my body of work. When not in the studio or workshop, some of my favourite things to do would be camping with family and friends, traveling and exploring new places and people, attending music festivals and events, or just kicking back and watching a good doco.

Art of Zig Memento Mori Clothing & Art

The Clothing


'Our Clothing, Your Journey', summarises exactly what our intentions are in creating the Art of Zig apparel line. It's all about you. Supplying you threads that are high in quality, long lasting, and printed with non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water based permanant inks. We source our blank clothing from companies that are working towards a more sustainable cotton farming future, and maintain fair working conditions for the employees in the factories. As a happy customer once commented, 'Zigs clothing occupies a rare niche - I feel equally comfortable wearing them at festivals and on the street.'

The Logo


The Pine Cone is a powerful symbol, that has been used throughout recorded history, by many cultures, religions and esoteric traditions, to represent the Third Eye, Pineal Gland and the development of our ultimate inner potential, Enlightenment. The Third Eye is known as the gateway to higher consciousness, and is associated with insight, truth, self realization and seeing through the illusion of the material world. The pine cone also demonstrates the Fibonacci sequence, which is an important number progression, that explains a pattern of growth right through the universe from the micro to the macro. The sequence forms a logarithmic spiral, that is highly revered in Sacred Geometry, and manifests in many forms within the cosmos, from the growth pattern of plants, to the movement of galaxies.

The Studio


Set on 5 acres, in the hills north of Brisbane, surrounded by trees and wildlife, the studio enjoys views out to Moreton Island and it's surrounding areas. The fresh air and tranquillity of the property, make it an ideal place for reflection, creating artwork and raising our family. We are establishing a farm full of fruit trees and vegetable gardens, inspired by the principals of permaculture, producing as much food as possible, to nourish our community with healthy, delicious food. 

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