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EMBRACE YOUR MORTALITY Eucalyptus Staple T-Shirt


There is no greater truth than mortality. Embrace Your Mortality with this cotton T-shirt, a symbolic reminder that life is short and to be cherished. Take up your journey while you are still able, for when life is over all that remains are memories of the past. Feel closer to the vast expanse of creation and reflect on your own part in it by donning this beautiful symbol of life and death. This design is for those looking for something new yet timeless; something alluring yet mysterious; something dynamic yet serene. Express your individuality with this exquisite product, and embrace your mortality!


This T-Shirt includes a large print on the front, small logo on the back.



  • Eucalyptus staple T-shirt with green charcoal ink
  • Regular fit with crewneck
  • Mid weight 180 gsm 
  • 100% combed cotton
  • Hand printed using eco friendly water based inks
  • Pre shrunk to minimise shrinkage

EMBRACE YOUR MORTALITY Eucalyptus Staple T-Shirt

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