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MOON MANDALA Black Crop Hoodie


The moon, a majestic orb that hangs in the starry night sky, has been a source of inspiration and fascination for humanity since the beginning of time. Its waxing and waning cycles have been studied by scholars and spiritualists alike, and interpreted in countless ways. But beyond its aesthetic appeal and enchanting glow, the moon's cycles have a deep and profound connection to us on Earth.Through the moon's cycles, we are connected to a greater cosmic energy, one that has guided humanity since the dawn of time. So let us honor her, this gentle yet powerful force in the sky, and allow her to guide us on our journey through this life.


This Crop Hoodie includes a large print on the front, and a small moon print on both arms



  • Black crop hoodie with white ink
  • Relax fit with cropped length
  • Heavy weight 350 gsm 
  • 100% cotton french terry
  • Hand printed using eco friendly water based inks
  • Pre shrunk to minimise shrinkage

MOON MANDALA Black Crop Hoodie

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