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PONDER THE INFINITE Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Pondering infinity can lead to humbling realizations about our place in the universe. It forces us to confront the notion that there are things beyond our understanding, and that our mortality is a woefully small part of the grand scheme of things. And yet, pondering infinity can also inspire us to dream and imagine. It invites us to explore the unknown, to push the boundaries of what is possible, and to contemplate the mysteries that lie beyond our comprehension. So let us gaze into the infinite expanse with wonder and awe, and let it fuel our creativity and curiosity, inspiring us to seek out the answers to the universe's deepest secrets.


This T-Shirt includes a large print on the front,  and sleeve prints down the arms.



  • Black long sleeve shirt with light grey and mid grey ink
  • Regular fit with crewneck
  • Mid weight 180 gsm 
  • 100% combed cotton
  • Hand printed using eco friendly water based inks
  • Pre shrunk to minimise shrinkage

PONDER THE INFINITE Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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